Augusta Pediatrics at ABLE

ABLE provides Augusta Pediatrics care with many specialties to ensure you children receive exactly what they need.


Augusta Pediatrics have a new way to maximize your children's health and potential at ABLE!

Every team member has a call to serve our families so they feel valued and loved. We’re invested in our Augusta community, with our own families, friends, and children integrated into the city we share with you. It’s why we want to help, because it’s not just doctors helping patients – we're neighbors helping neighbors achieve a healthier and more fulfilled life.

Because of this, ABLE stands for “Achieving Beyond Life’s Expectations.” Each letter has its own significance:

A – Achieving. Children are natural learners, and from birth to adolesence they grow at a rapid pace. Each is built for something special, and our goal is to help them reach everything they are made for.

B – Beyond. We strive to provide holistic care, impacting your child's emotional, physical, and mental well-being so your children push their boundaries to discover just how far they can go.

L – Life’s. Our foundation is built upon the words of Psalm 127:3a: “Children are a gift from the Lord.” Each life is unique and worth celebrating, and we want to help maximize every life.

E – Expectations. Our team is trained in the latest advancements and research, so we understand benchmarks and goals that are best suited to your child. Setting attainable goals provides a positive, confidence-building experience for children and makes them more apt to challenge themselves in the future.

Our clinic offers many services ranging from pediatric care to speech therapy. We hope you will come experience the ABLE difference and join our Augusta pediatrics family!

Questions? Contact us today, and we look forward to speaking with you.